Current Ferrous Prices

 Current Ferrous Prices at Salisbury Scrap Metal

We do our very best to keep customers informed. See below for a list of our current Ferrous Prices and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to earning your business and pride ourselves on being the Top Scrap Yard!

For more information about Ferrous prices at Salisbury Scrap Metal, contact our buyer, Dan, 301-789-7084 during normal business hours. To see Non-Ferrous prices, click here. 


Ferrous Pricing Price:
Sheet $4.50 per 100lbs
Cars (w/title) $4.50 per 100lbs
1P (Prepared) $7.00  per 100lbs
#1 Unprepared $6.00 per 100lbs
Falca $8.00 per 100lbs
Rebar $2.50 per 100lbs
Cars (w/out title) $3.50 per 100lbs

*Prices subject to change

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UBC’s or Aluminum Beverage Cans. Must be empty, can be crushed or not. Best to bring in clear plastic bags.